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Combined Benefits Group offers our clients a hands-on Human Resources program to add even more value to our services. Our Human Resources module is a platform of integrated HR knowledge solutions containing everything employers need to comply with regulations, promote a productive workplace, and save time and money. Below you will find the four sections of this platform as well as additional tools and resources avaliable. 


Online training courses and assets to maintain compliance and boost employee engagement. Essential HR Services.


HR experts answer questions, render advice and follow up with research to resolve issues. Available 8am-7pm CT each business day.


Resource center with all the forms, checklists and tools needed to maintain compliance.


All the news and analysis HR managers need to stay current and compliant with changing regulations.

Our HR Module’s dynamic tools, checklists, builders and guides enable rapid deployment of HR best practices across the entire organization.


• Employee Handbook Builder

• Q&A Database

• HR Audit Checklist

• Health Care Reform Checklist

• Job Description Builder

• Compliance Guidelines

• Performance Review Tool

• Employee Onboarding Checklist

• HR Compliance Checklist

• Salary Benchmarking

• Employee Termination Guidelines

• Whitepapers and Webinar Library •Mobile App

• Compliance Calendar

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